Venice is a romantic and evocative bedframe. This bedframe has a elegant feel with a sleek curved headboard and footboard without comprising on its bold appearance. With a wide range of luxury premium fabrics, you can customise to your décor. Whether that’s a stylish boutique to a luxury hotel. Veince is a high-end luxurious upholstered bed that will add opulence to your room. The Venice bedframe is finished in a Mar pearl fabric with a GelAir Mattress.


Bed SizeOverall WidthOverall LengthHeadboard HeightFootboard Height
4' 6"60' or 152 cm89' or 226 cm51' or 129 cm29' or 79 cm
5'66' or 167 cm92' or 233. 7 cm51' or 129 cm29' or 79 cm
6'78' or 198 cm233.7 cm51' or 129 cm29' or 79 cm