We understand the importance of finding the perfect mattress to guarantee a perfect night's sleep.

Browse our Hestia® mattress collection to find your perfectly matched mattress that suits your exact needs for quality and comfort with a range of designs and firmness levels to choose from.


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Our Hestia® mattresses are available in Latex, Memory foam and innerspring natural signature. We are here to help guide you to find the mattress of your dreams for your needs and comfort.

Each Hestia® Mattress has been made using the highest quality of fillings, materials and fabrics available. Modern technology is used to offer ultimate temperature control and performance. Across our Memory, Natural, Signature and Latex collections we are sure to have the mattress that gives you the sublime level of comfort you deserve.

Latex Mattress

Combining latex foam with pocket springs to create a supportive and durable sleep surface, a latex mattress offers luxurious comfort whilst encouraging your natural body’s alignment for a comfortable and healthy night's sleep.  Ideal for individuals with allergies and respiratory complaints with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust mite-resistant features.

£459.00 - £1,209.00

Memory Foam

Renowned for conforming and contouring to the curves of your body, our choice of memory foam mattresses aims to mould your body and wrap you in a world of peace and comfort for a long and restful night's sleep. Ideal for individuals who suffer from aching backs and painful joints.  With increased air circulation for a comfortable bed temperature.

£409.00 - £1,069.00

Innerspring Mattress

With a selection of soft, medium and firm tension options, an innerspring mattress like a pocket sprung mattress offers the choice to suit your needs and preferences. With each spring wrapped in its own pocket, the springs adapt and conform to your body shape, offering a consistent level of firmness across the whole surface for maximum support and comfort. An Ideal option for individuals who move a lot or those with differing weights in the same bed. Our Hestia 'Nature's Choice' Mattress uses only the most natural and comfiest materials.

£369.00 - £1,279.00

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